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My Weekend With Joseph and Kelsey

Last week was a tough week. I went through a huge project at work. I was still getting over being really sick, and I couldn’t find time to rest to help get past it so I had a slight relapse. In early January I had bought tickets to see one of my favorite bands in both Dallas and Austin over the weekend. Friday night’s show in Dallas didn’t start until 9 so I knew I could get down in time... read more

Comedic Inspiration

Saturday night I was lucky enough to catch John Crist in Shawnee. Over the last few years I’ve had the awesome opportunity to get to interact and know John, and he has become a great friend. Knowing John has also led me to meeting other friends that I doubt I would ever had made without him. I’ve also learned a lot from him through observation of his act. I’ve seen him several times now... read more

Meeting the Comedian

This past Tuesday night I drove to Tulsa with the idea that I was either going to meet up with some great friends or be involved in the weirdest/worst episode of Catfish ever. My friend Ed Wiley informed me that he and his family were driving from South Georgia to North Dakota for him to do a comedy show and that he had booked a show in Tulsa for Wednesday night. Knowing how hilarious his posts and the... read more

Full of Lack

Staring at the lack, it’s easy to think I’ll just lay here and die. For if the substance of my life is no substance at all, why am I truly living any way? There are many things that one can lack. A lack of sleep turns into a lack of energy and health. A lack of a job or money leads to a lack of food or shelter. A lack of relationship in any capacity leads to loneliness. God sent Elijah to a... read more


I wrote this post in October of 2010, well before I started this site. I randomly found it in my old notes on my phone and decided to share it here. To those of you who still follow me here, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything consistently; but thank you for reading. It seems like anytime that I’m on an airplane, I feel the need to write something. It’s probably... read more

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